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Money at center of Senate contest
Centre Daily – In December, state Treasurer Robert P. Casey Jr. went into the office just seven days. With a crucial fundraising deadline looming, the Democratic Senate candidate swept through

Water Firm Awash in Political Influence
Los Angeles Times – Let us today hoist a glass — preferably of cool, clean Colorado River water — to Keith Brackpool, a walking illustration of how the generous bestowal of campaign donations and other largess can keep a man cozy with California politicians, even in …

Parent Inventors Turn Brainchild Into
Los Angeles Times – Some who have an idea for a baby product can license it to others and collect royalties, while a few make and market their own inventions. Holly Baxter was a stay-at-home mom looking for ways to make ends meet when she met Laine Caspi at a parents …

Blame Game:
Slate – The Washington Post leads with a leaked House report, officially due out on Wednesday, on federal mismanagement of the Hurricane Katrina response. The report spreads the blame across all levels of the federal government, reserving special criticism …

True Crime: New York City – The genre of games known as sandbox titles, where players have the illusion of free-reign over anything and everything in the game, really hit a high point with the release of GTA3 and its subsequent sequels. Trying to capitalize on that free-form …

Medicare Part D gets a bipartisan F
Online Journal – Republicans and Democrats have finally found something to agree on. From coast to coast, north to south, they agree that Medicare’s Part D introduction gets a big fat F for flop. Part D, the prescription drug benefit, inherently hard to understand …

Sound Off: Do you think the Super Bowl was fairly officiated?
Seattle Post Intelligencer – Posted by PattyMay at 2/6/06 1:09 p.m. Yes, there is no mistaking that we were robbed. Mistakes were made by the Seahawks, but I believe the bad calls had an effect on their moral. When we did something right, I waited to cheer to see if there was a …

Weekly Ag SummaryMadison, WI, Fri., Feb. 10, 2006
WBAY Green Bay – Compared to last week: Trade has yet to develop in Texas and Kansas. Moderate trades in the north 1.00-2.00 lower. Light trade this morning in Nebraska at steady money with last week. Boxed beef prices continued to fall this week as supply out …

The Arts
Riverside Press Enterprise – “A FEW GOOD MEN,” opens 8 p.m. Feb. 17, continues 7 p.m. Thursdays, 8 p.m. Fridays-Saturdays, 2 p.m. Sundays through Feb. 26, Palm Canyon Theatre, 538 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, $22-$28, (760) 323-5123. ” ALL I REALLY NEEDED TO KNOW I …

‘When a Stranger Calls’ scares up $22M
San Jose Mercury News –

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